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لدينا أسرع خدمة و أفضل أسعار للشحن

اطلع على الخدمات التي نقدمها و تفقد أسعار الشحن

الشحن السريع

تشمل هذه الخدمة نقل الطرود والبضائع على إختلاف أحجامها مع شركات الشحن العالمية (DHL , UPS, FedEx )و بأسعار مخفضة عن أسعارهم المعتادة لعقد الشراكة معهم. تمتع الآن بجودة شحن عالية مع أسعار مخفضة !

الخدمات اللوجستية

نقدم خدمات لوجستية متنوعة من النقل البري ، البحري والجوي لشحن بضائعكم من تركيا إلى اي مكان في العالم. اتصل بنا للحصول على عرض سعر.

قائمة أسعار الشحن مع شركات الشحن العالمية

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Frequently Asked Questions

 About Shopping from Turkish online stores, using Farship address 

Enter your email address in the home page and click the Get Started button.  You will receive an email with a form to fill it with your personal information. 

After that you will receive an email with the Farship address. As simple as that.

You need to enter your Farship address as the delivery address at the check out section of the e-commerce website you will buy from .

Use the handy tool:

Yes. We will accept shipments to your Farship address from any merchant or individual seller.

You have a 30 days of free storage.

If the Packages stored exceed the free storage period , they will incur storage fees.

Shipping multiple packages overseas direct from online stores can be very costly. With Farship consolidation, we combine your purchases into a single package, saving you up to 80% off standard international shipping rates.

We will always try to consolidate your items into one box, unless you specify otherwise. 

You can send your packages as one pieces each or you can send them all together. 

contact us via email or phone we will take your shipment request and start working on it. After that we will email you with the shipment details. 

Farship primary couriers for express shipments are FedEx, DHL and UPS. We will select the least expensive carrier, or you can select your preferred carrier.

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